AXIS data management

AXIS - the real-time, mobile data hub for your farm business

A smart, efficient farming tool

AXIS is a cloud-based technical information exchange system that enables farming data to be uploaded and shared in real-time with advisers, agronomists, operators and contractors, giving your business enhanced flexibility and improved efficiency.

The tool gives instant access to crop management information to help make informed, timely decisions that facilitate efficient, cost-effective farming practices. Because it’s available from any device connected to the internet, anywhere, you are truly connected.

Integrated farm management

As part of the system, Agrovista has worked closely with Muddy Boots to integrate the Greenlight Grower Management (GLGM) system, ensuring a seamless flow of information between all those involved in a modern agricultural business. There is also the facility to add cropping into GLGM, which immediately synchronises with the agronomist to improve management and mitigate double data entry.

Because cropping plans and field cropping can change very quickly; the system allows updates to be exchanged between users at the click of a button. It also provides growers with valuable data such as technical and trials information, detailed weather reports and account updates. The GLGM integrates seamlessly into AXIS to provide an electronic library of new and past recommendations, plus cropping information, nutrition and agronomy reports.

Advanced field mapping

The higher-level option will give integrated field mapping solutions a visual, intuitive way of using available data. Upload combine yield maps, overlay your DGPS soil map, upload your crop information from mobile sensors and for example, create variable rate application plans for seeds or fertilisers. All can be displayed as layers on a field map, to visualise performance.

The AXIS mapping package is a powerful tool for growers using precision farming at any level and will continually be developed to ensure it is at the cutting edge of technological advancements.


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AXIS Info (Free)

  • Recommendations library
  • 3 day weather
  • Account summary
  • Product labels and data sheets
  • Seed and variety info
  • Fertiliser update
  • Farm business compliance section
  • File store

AXIS Field Pro (Upgrade)

  • All of AXIS Info plus;
  • Greenlight Grower Management field recording system includling iPad app
  • 10 day detailed weather including spray window chart
  • Technical updates
  • 1GB file storage

AXIS MapIT Pro (Upgrade)

  • All of AXIS Info plus;
  • Google-based mapping system
  • Field boundaries and cropping
  • Complemented by iPhone/iPad app
  • Yield map import
  • Sensor maps
  • Soil nutrient maps
  • Zone maps
  • Variable rate plans