Weather stations

Agrovista solar powered GPRS weather stations are ideal for any business looking for high-quality weather data from any location. 

The stations can measure the following - rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed/direction, soil temperature and evapotranspiration.

Disease risk reports can also be generated to support input decision making for farm or amenity use.

Notifications can be created at any threshold to alert of critical conditions such as frost, heavy rainfall or high wind.

Data is available in near-real time for any PC, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.

Includes installation. Additional service contracts are also available.


  • View live weather data from your own weather stations placed in your fields
  • Reduce field visits
  • Long lasting and reliable equipment
  • Networked linked with soil moisture sensors and other sensors across your fields
  • Live alerts from your sensors by e-mail, SMS or phone call
  • Use disease models as part of IPM
  • Analyse past weather events
  • Backed up with expert advice and support from your local agronomist

Agrovista weather and soil moisture station demo

Here is a live data feed from our Stoughton weather station. You are able to access your data from our easy to use software app on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.