Ben Lowe - Agronomist

A day in the life

Who are you and what is your role at Agrovista

Hi, I’m Ben Lowe, an Agronomist with Agrovista UK and a member of the soil health group. I’m based on the East Coast of Scotland, working closely with numerous growers, helping to grow crops as profitably as possible within the constraints of the Scottish climate and relevant legislation. The main crops I am involved in are cereals, oilseed rape, potatoes and grass.

How did you get into this career?

I was introduced to Agrovista through an agronomist working with farms I was involved in while completing my studies at SRUC in Edinburgh. After a couple of interviews, I was offered a place as a Trainee agronomist and spent 9 months traveling around the U.K obtaining a number of qualifications which would allow me to succeed in my current role - helping to provide measurable and financial results to our growers.

What does your job typically involve?

My day varies massively depending what time of the year it is. Over the coming months I will spend the majority of my time on farm following the development of crops and identifying the most environmentally friendly and economic approach for each situation – getting growers optimum results. I’m also a drone pilot with the Precision team, where I can fly up to 50ha in about 15 to 20 minutes.

What's the best part of your job?

I look forward to harvest after months of planning, monitoring and predicting weather, disease and pest pressures. At this point it is great to speak to growers to find out the fruits of harvest (pun intended), seeing the results of yield and quality. As an agronomist, this is a strangely quiet time of year before new crops start to be established again.

What’s most challenging?

In my role, I cover from the Scottish Borders to South Aberdeenshire – so a really large area, but one which lets me see a range of different climates and places to farm.