Companion Gold

Companion Gold has a unique 6 way mode of action, with unrivalled drift reduction, together with anti-foam, spray retention, improved rainfastness, pH buffer and water conditioning.

Companion Gold is also a highly effective pod sealant in oilseed rape and other crops. The specialised polymer and humectants control pod drying and reduce shatter losses.

Drift reduction, spray retention, ph Buffer, water conditioner, anti-foam, rainfastness.

Companion Gold is a highly complex formulation containing polyacrylamide polymers, ammonium sulphate, combined with humectants, pH buffers, water conditioners and anti-foam.

In addition to class leading drift reduction, the polymer gives superior spray retention, effective anti-foam and rainfastness, as well as the pH buffer and water conditioning components offered by basic glyphosate adjuvants. Together with the comprehensive CRD evaluated residue package, efficacy data, it is no wonder that Companion Gold is the number one adjuvant for use with glyphosate in the UK and USA.

Key benefits

  • Unrivalled drift reduction
  • Anti-foam
  • Spray retention
  • Improved rainfastness
  • pH Buffer & water conditioning
  • Pod sealant

Application rate

  • 0.5% (500ml in 100l of water) Drift reduction, spray retention, pH buffer, water conditioner, anti-foam, rainfastness
  • 0.25% (250ml in 100l of water) pH buffer, water conditioner, anti-foam


  • Glyphosate (all formulations)
  • Diquat
  • Grassland herbicides (drift reduction, ph buffer and anti-foam
  • Chlorpyrifos, dimethoate.
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