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  •       Soil Variation Scanning
  •       Biomass Imagery

Step 1 - Understanding why your soils are performing the way they are.


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Soil Variation Scanning
Soil variation scanning is the entry level soil scan offer
from Agrovista, offering some very useful information
at a competitive cost.
Service use:
• Variable rate seed
• Slug pellet zones
• Nutrient sampling zones (soil sampling not included.)
Soil variation scanning uses one of two types of technology – electromagnetic induction (EM38-MK2) or electroconductivity. Both services create the same variation map. The operator drives up and down the field parallel to tramlines. In a 24m tramline system they will travel at 12m intervals and in a 36m system at 18m, avoiding travelling on tramlines.
Good soil moisture levels are required to capture the best data and each field must be scanned all at once and not across different days.

Biomass Imagery 
Service use
• Variable rate nitrogen
• Variable rate PGRs
• Intelligent crop walking

Satellite images provide us with NDVI images that indicate how photosynthetic a crop is.
To receive biomass images, we need field locations. Once set up on the system, view dates need to be requested. For variable rate nitrogen we would use the newest cloudless image possible, we would then require information on the nominal rate to be applied and a tolerance to work to. Common variance would be 10-20%.







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