Discovery range

Discovery is a range of technically innovative adjuvants, fertilisers and biostimulants.

Each of our products undergoes a comprehensive R&D programme, screened for biological efficacy and supported by high quality trials conducted by:

  • Leading research organisations and Universities
  • Agrovista research and development
  • Agrochemical manufacturers

Trials are conducted at a range of sites throughout Europe - from Turkey to Lithuania, and from France to Russia and also include our own 30 hectare site at Stoughton and our Maidwell herbicide sites in the UK.

Fertiliser and biostimulants are evaluated applied alone or in programmes by leading research institutes and contract trials organisations.

A key area of our adjuvant R&D focuses on improving application efficacy.

Using our specially modified sprayers we are able to conduct replicated trials that investigate conventional and explaratory application techniques and the interaction with both pesticide and adjuvant.

In addition to our own application trials, independent studies, we also work in conjuction with the world renowned NIAB-TAG Silsoe Spray Application Unit to optimise practical spray advice.

Discovery spray application aids

Agrovista Discovery spray application aids are a range of tank-mix spray additives and adjuvants that improve the performance of plant protection products.

Pesticide efficacy can be reduced by water quality, spray application technique and inadequate coverage, retention and uptake on the target surface.

Companion Gold

Companion Gold is a multi-functional adjuvant and pod sealant. With unrivalled drift reduction, together with anti-foam, spray retention, improved rainfastness, pH buffer and water conditioning properties it is a world leading partner for glyphosate and a highly effective pod sealant too. More info


Nelson combines water conditioner, co-formulants and adjuvant (twin guebert alcohols) to provide improved performance with a range of partners. More info


Remix is a unique adjuvant for use with residual herbicides in a range of winter and spring crops to reduce drift, improve weed control and crop safety. More info


Roller can be used with herbicides and fungicides where external coverage is crucial to high levels of efficacy. More info


Stingray is a blend of pH buffers, water conditioners, humectants and anti-foam. More info


Velocity has been designed for use with triazole, strobilurin and SDHI fungicides in a range of crops including cereals and oilseed rape. Improving application efficiency, disease control and yield. More info