We are pleased to offer a range of GPS technology, from entry-level

to the more advanced systems.

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Matrix® Pro GS

This system is easily installed and user-friendly with the ability to upgrade with the optional packages available.  Some of the key features include:

Advanced swath and rate control

Droplet size monitoring

Two-way data transfer

Create permanent no-spray zones

Multiple guidance modes include straight A-B, curved A-B, circle pivot, last pass and next row

Improved spraying accuracy

Optional upgrades include automatic boom section control and video guidance cameras 

(up to 8 cameras can be used.)

The Edge

The EDGE display offers an entry-level, year-round precision farming solution. It’s specifically designed for those just getting started with precision technology but includes features like AutoSwath.

The EDGE display’s ability to perform guidance and automated steering control makes it a smart investment for those looking for the flexibility of a full-featured precision/guidance system.
It is a great investment for experienced precision farming operators who need displays for additional vehicles or just wants an easy-to-use input cost-saving solution.

Integra OnTrac2

Simple and Reliable Hands-Free GPS Assisted Steering.
This large, full-colour touchscreen controller is the command post of an advanced precision farming operation. You're connected to the world and controlling it from your cab – all while steering hands-free with accuracy and repeatability.

Easy install. Reliable. Quiet. OnTrac2 locks on and you roll -- with increased efficiency and productivity.

There’s no need to remove the steering wheel during install. The high-torque gear drive delivers the turning power needed to control the most demanding agricultural vehicles. 

It's the cost-effective solution to hands-free GPS assisted steering that eliminates skips and overlaps, lowers fuel consumption, expands the seasonal operating window and reduces operator stress and fatigue.

Norac UC4+

Unprecedented spray height accuracy combined with the control you need, Guaranteed. 
The UC4+™ Spray Height Controller uses ultrasonic sensors to automatically maintain a preset height of the entire boom above the ground or crop. 

NORAC pioneered the use of this technology for agricultural equipment and now offers the most advanced spray height control system on the market.

Norac UC5

Introducing the world’s most advanced spray height controller.

The UC5™ Spray Height Control system uses ultrasonic sensors mounted on the left, right, and centre sections to automatically maintain a preset height of the entire boom above the ground or crop. UC5™ is the latest generation of spray height controllers from NORAC. 

The UC5™ Spray Height Control system and Integra™ display allow the operator to utilize NORAC’s cutting edge ultrasonic technology in conjunction with Ag Leader’s DirectCommand™ application control capabilities.


OptRx crop sensor system measures and records data about a crop in real-time using the reflectance of light shined on the growing crop. 

Sensors can be mounted on virtually any type of vehicle to collect information while driving through the field. Information collected, including vegetative index, can then be utilized to measure the impact of nutrients, water, disease and other growing conditions on crops.


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