Growers Choice Interactive

Growers Choice Interactive (GCI) from Agrovista is a web-based, pest and disease service that uses the latest computer modelling techniques to ensure effective use of plant protection products in fruit.

Using weather data from a network of stations, coupled with disease prediction software, you can access graphs showing:

  • Weather data
  • Scab infection risks
  • Canker infection risks
  • Codling moth flight activity, egg deposition and larval emergence

Data is updated every 60 minutes to maximise control efficacy and improve application timings.

This subscription service also includes mobile phone text alerts as well as telephone contact to an Agrovista agronomist.

“GCI is supported by Agrovista Fruit agronomists, so in-person expertise is only a phone call away. It’s no doubt that this is going to be a challenging year and we want growers to be vigilant, but we also want to ensure that they are optimising their inputs and therefore reducing residue levels.” 

Alex Radu, Agrovista Fruit Technical Manager