Key Wheat Varieties for 2018

With 41 fully recommended winter wheat varieties currently vying for a place in growers’ drills this autumn,
Agrovista’s head of seeds Tom Nickerson picks his potential winners to help ease the decision-making process. 

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A glance at the least significant difference column at the far right-hand side of the current 2018/19 AHDB Recommended List (RL)

for winter wheat list shows there is nothing to split the top two Group 1 varieties, the top seven soft Group 4 varieties or the top five hard

Group 4 varieties when looking at fungicide-treated yields for the UK.

Even where the RL yield difference does start to become significant, that is often not borne out in commercial crops.

We are talking marginal gains, which can change depending on location and farm system, so we need to be looking wider than yield alone.

Of the 41 varieties on the current list, I have chosen seven that I think will make a significant commercial impact this coming autumn

and for the next few seasons.

KWS Zyatt follows on the success of Skyfall, which broke the mould for Group 1 wheat, offering feed-wheat yields and the chance of a breadmaking premium.

Zyatt’s yield score of 102 is only 2-4 points behind the best feeds and delivers strong agronomic scores, including 7s for brown and yellow rust

and 6.2 for Septoria. It has the second-highest untreated score on the RL, so has a lot of inherent yield potential.

It is a good early variety and performs well as a second wheat.
Unlike Skyfall, it does not have orange wheat blossom midge resistance.

 RGT Gravity   Gleam
RGT Gravity is a key winter wheat variety         Tom Nickerson - Head of Seed Gleam                                             


Group 2 variety KWS Siskin is perhaps my pick of the bunch. It has been a consistent performer and has a tremendous disease

resistance profile – 9s for the rusts and 6.9 for Septoria and shows no signs of weakening. 


Its UK treated score is 103 so it is right up there. It can’t be drilled early and it needs a good PGR programme, but there is
definitely a place for it.

Turning to hard Group 4 wheats, RGT Gravity the highest yielding variety on the Recommended List at 106, is a high input variety,

due to its Septoria figure of 5.2. But look after it and it will deliver. 

KWS Kerrin topped the RL when it came onto the list last year, and it consistently produced the highest yields among our seed contracts.
Both these varieties have Santiago in their parentage, and they are two exceptional wheats
There is very little to choose between them agronomically and quality wise.


RGT Gravity does appear more consistent, claiming top yields across all regions, as first and second wheat and on heavy and light soil.

If I were only adding one feed wheat this year, I’d look at this one first. 

Supplies of Gleam will be limited this autumn. 
This impressive new high yielding feed wheat can be drilled early and has a good Septoria score.

Graham looks set to build share this season, especially in the west where it yields as well as anything else, helped by its Septoria score of 6.9.


Soft Group 4 variety LG Sundance has the highest Septoria score on the list at 7.4.
It could be useful, again especially in the west, though it is weak on eyespot and has a specific weight of 75kg/hl.

For more information on our Selected key varieties for the upcoming season,

contact our Seed Office on 01353 667 834 or speak to your local agronomist.


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