Lock Pod

New generation anti-pod shatter technology to reduce seed loss before and during harvest

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For use on Oilseed Rape, Peas and Beans, LOCK-POD is the best performing pod-sealant formulation on the market!

What are the Benefits of LockPod?

 - Maximum protection of pod integrity to minimise any seed loss
 - Reduced in-field losses due to physical crop movement at later glyphosate timing and pod expansion and contraction
 - Greatest protection from any forthcoming difficult weather 
 - A degree of protection of tramlines by gently laying crop whilst still green


 - LOCK-POD can protect the pods up to 12 weeks from application

 - LOCK-POD at earlier timing protects from later crop damage and changes in weather patterns as reflected in this trial

 - LOCK-POD at earlier timing gave a value yield increase of £123/ha over the 

                       untreated and £63/ha increase over the later co-application with glyphosate

Apply LOCK-POD between BBCH 80 – 82 (pods green and bendy)

Optimum timing approx. 8 weeks prior to harvest


 - LOCK-POD gives roughly 100kg/ha additional yield over Standard Pod-Stik
 - At current OSR prices 0.1 t/ha = £31
 - 95% of treatments gave 0.1t/ha yield increase or higher



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