Maize Seed Varieties

Selected by our seed experts, we strongly believe that these are the best variety options available to growers in the UK



Ultra Early Maturity 

 KWS Cito

KWS Cito is the earliest variety in the KWS portfolio and builds on the success of Kaspian and Ramirez in the ultra early category. Cito maintains the class leading early maturity of it’s predecessors whilst improving both yield and feed value and features as a first choice variety on both the less favourable and favourable NIAB/BSPB descriptive lists. Cito is a bigger plant type than Kaspian and Ramirez and demonstrates very good early vigour which is crucial in this maturity sector.


Early Maturity 


LiRoyal is new for 2019 and is a product of Europes most advanced breeding programme for early maturing hybrids. LiRoyal sits in the FAO 160/170 maturity category and is suitable for the vast majority of the UK maize growing area. Producing very high levels of starch and dry matter coupled with good disease and standing power scores LiRoyal is the ideal variety for high performance dairy and beef systems.

Early Maturity 


P7326 is now firmly established as a consistent performer over a range of soil types and geographical locations. P7326 has early cob maturity and benefits from robust eyespot and fusarium tolerance. For those looking for high yield and feed quality allied with good standing ability and early maturity P7326 is the perfect compromise.


Medium Early Maturity 


Emblem is a high yielding, high feed value LGAN variety from Limagrain. Emblem has one of the best overall quality profiles on the 2019 descriptive lists. Enjoying high yields of starch, cell wall digestibility and ME, Emblem can be grown in most mainstream maize areas and is a very cost effective option for those looking to maintain quality without increasing costs

Medium Early Maturity 

SY Nordicastar                             

SY Nordicstar from Syngenta features as a first choice variety on the NIAB/BSPB forage and anaerobic digestion descriptive lists. A truly versatile variety which has enjoyed considerable success in both forage and energy situations. SY Nordicstar has class leading eyespot tolerance and exceptional resistance to fusarium, a vital factor when drilling wheat after maize. Ideal as the early variety in large acreage energy maize situations.


Medium Early Maturity 


P7034 was successfully introduced by Pioneer in 2018. Utilising high yielding “Dent” genetics in an earlier to harvest hybrid enables the variety to be grown in all but the most marginal of sites. P7034 is a very robust plant type with exceptional eyespot and fusarium tolerance compared to leading competitor hybrids.The genetic make up of P7034 makes it ideal for those growers looking to feed maize soon after ensiling without compromising starch availability.



Mid to Late Maturity


P7524 is increasingly popular as an earlier hybrid in energy maize situations. Very good standing power coupled with high yield and good disease tolerance ensure quality silage for both energy and forage situations. P7524 has proved itself as a consistent and reliable hybrid with the potential for substantial yield and quality when grown using the Samco system.When grown on exposed sites under plasticfilm P7524 has withstood the high winds experienced in 2018 better than competitor varieties.

Mid to Late Maturity

Cranberri CS                              

Cranberri CS is the ideal mid maturity hybrid for the energy sector and more favourable forage maize sites. Newly listed on the NIAB/BSPB first choice favourable sites list Cranberri CS is set to build on last seasons success. Excellent early vigour coupled with high dry matter and ME yields place Cranberri CS at the forefront of the mid maturity energy and forage sector.


Mid to Late Maturity

ES Cluedo                            

ES Cluedo is a consistently high yielding variety that can be utilised on a wide variety of soil types. Over 18 tonne per hectare dry matter yield on favourable and 17.5 tonne on less favourable sites make ES Cluedo the ideal compromise between yield and maturity. Performs well on light land and in areas where drought can be an issue.

Mid to Late Maturity


Amaveritas was introduced by KWS last year as a replacement for the popular Ronaldinio. Ideal for spreading the harvest window especially on lighter land. Capable of yields in excess of 55 - 60 tonnes hectare fresh weight, Amaveritas is a product of the most advanced energy maize breeding programme in Europe.


Mid to Late Maturity


LG30.248 is a later maturing variety from Limagrain suited to the very best energy maize growing areas. Massive yield on
a consistent basis with good disease

and standing power make this the ideal choice for the later maturing slot in a balanced energy maize portfolio.



Wireworm Contol 

We will offer only Pioneer hybrids for situations where wireworm seed treatment is required.The combination of Sonido Wireworm Treatment coupled with Korit Bird Repellent coating is unique to the industry and offers the best all round protection in situations where wireworm is judged to be an issue.

  • The following varieties are available with this treatment
  • P7524






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