Mid to late maturity maize varieties

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Cranberri CS - Mid to late maturity maize




  • Cranberri CS is the ideal mid maturity hybrid for the energy sector and more favourable forage maize sites..
  • Featuring on the NIAB first choice favourable sites list Cranberri CS is set to build on last season’s success.
  • Excellent early vigour coupled with high dry matter and ME yields place Cranberri CS at the forefront of the mid maturity energy and forage sector.


ES Palladium - Mid to late maturity maize




  • ES Palladium is a new variety from Euralis which benefi ts from high dry matter yield, high levels of starch and ME and good standing power.
  • High cell wall digestibility completes the quality profi le of ES Palladium.
  • Cob set is uniform and low down on the stem off ering good plant stability especially on exposed sites.
  • Capable of over 19 tonne per hectare dry matter yield on favourable sites making ES Palladium the ideal compromise between yield and maturity.


SY Karthoun - Mid to late maturity maize




  • SY Karthoun is a new entrant on the 2020 NIAB descriptive list. Agrovista have two years’ experience with SY Karthoun and it has found favour in the mid  maturity slot with an increasing number of energy maize growers.
  • Ideal for spreading the harvest window where large areas of maize need to be ensiled. Capable of yields in excess of 20 tonnes hectare dry matter and performs well on a range of soil types.


Maximais 215 - Mid to late maturity maize




  • A new approach to maximising yield and quality in the energy sector. Maximais 215 is a blend of three complimentary varieties specially selected to perform better when grown as a blend than when grown as individual plants.
  • One of the key benefi ts of Maximais 215 is that the pollination window is increased for the crop resulting in more even and consistent cob formation. This is especially important in our maritime UK climate where pollination can coincide with a period of wet and cold weather.
  • Extensive trial work in Holland and Belgium proves that with the right combination of hybrids, blends consistently outperform straight varieties.
  • Maximais 215 is ideal as a mainstream variety in a large energy maize portfolio and is a genuine step forward in maximising yields in our challenging UK climate.


LG30.248 - Mid to late maturity maize




  • LG30.248 is a later maturing variety from Limagrain suited to the very best energy maize growing areas.
  • Featuring the highest yield of dry matter on the NIAB 2020 descriptive list makes this a variety of interest to any energy maize grower with favourable soils.
  • Massive yield on a consistent basis with good disease and standing power make this the ideal choice for the later maturing slot in a balanced energy maize portfolio.


To download the Agrovista 2020 maize brochure click here. 


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