A combination of pH buffers and water conditioners combined with twin alcohol based wetter and penetrants together with co-formulants, Nelson can replaces the need for tank-mixing oils and water conditioners.

For use with sulfonylurea and fop and dim herbicides

pH Buffer & water conditioner - Nelson is the ideal choice for use in hard water areas where Ca++ and Mg++ salts can reduce sulfonylurea and graminicide efficacy.

Twin alcohol based wetting system - The optimised combination of guerbet alcohol based surfactants improves wetting, spreading and penetration resulting in increased efficacy of a wide range of herbicides.

Replaces oil and non-ionic surfactants - Nelson provides superior performance compared with both non-ionic surfactants and oils


Key benefits

  • pH Buffer & water conditioner
  • Twin alcohol based wetting system
  • Replaces oil and non-ionic surfactants

Application rate

  • 0.25-0.5 l/ha


  • Nelson is compatible with wide range of herbicides
white plastic bottle with the product label nelson with a green border