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Fargro acquires horticulture division of Agrovista UK Ltd


Article taken from The Commercial Greenhouse Grower, April 2018.

Fargro Ltd announced that it has acquired the southern Ornamental Horticulture division of Agrovista UK Limited. The purchase of this division will allow it to strengthen its position as leader in this market. Area Sales Managers Malcolm Tickner and Debbie Atkinson will be joining Fargro from Agrovista to maintain continuity for its customers. "We are delighted to have brought the acquisition of the southern Ornamental Horticulture division of Agrovista to completion and are looking forward to building a relationship with Agrovista's customers. Fargro has a reputation for providing market leading products and expert advice on Ornamental Horticulture. We are excited about bringing this expertise to a new audience.", stated Richard Hopkins, Managing Director of Fargro Ltd.


Improving yields and reducing costs for Hampshire strawberry grower

A newly developed beneficials applicator has lived up to its promise this season at one of the UK’s largest strawberry producers.  


Forage management: Maximising current and future resources

Nationwide, forage supplies are believed to be 20-30% below normal, and up to 40% in certain areas, following the exceptionally dry summer With forage in tight supply this autumn, national seeds manager Nigel Walley looks at what can be done on farm to help alleviate the situation.


Grassweed Control - Hitting low dormancy blackgrass hard

Blackgrass that emerges with autumn-sown cereals is 10 x more competitive than that which appears later in the season. There is likely to be a significant early flush this autumn, hitting it hard and early will be key to control.

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