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Regional Site Overview: Coldham


Agronomic innovations for growers in the East

Jack Hoyles

Jack Hoyles: Regional Site Coordinator

The Coldham Estate near Wisbech Fens farms around 1500 ha.

The soils on site range from silty clay loam to clay loams. The farm at Coldham Estate comprises of soils ranging from silty clay loam to clay loams and boasts a mixed rotation including potatoes, onions and cereals. Having a good soil type to work with and excellent management help from the estate, we will demonstrate some great trials worth seeing. 

"At this site, we are demonstrating 5 trials, each representing how new innovations are heading into farming practice today."

Visitors to the site will also see trials with spring cropping/cover crops, OSR drilled with companion plants and winter wheat trials with fungicide treatments across different establishment methods.


Coldham Regional Trials Site


The planned open day event will be held in early July with guest speakers, food for attendees, equipment demonstrations and NRoSO / BASIS points.


The trials plots are monitored by our Plantsystems Precision Agronomy team who are using drones to collect information on establishments and recording emergence.

The Plantsystems team have also installed a weather station to monitor and record weather ranges and gather data for disease and growth habits.

Farmers who are interested can look around the trials, which provide growers with relevant information and new ideas to go away with.


OSR with Companion Plants   

OSR with Companion Plants

Fallow vs Cover Crops

Fallow Vs Cover Crops


Read about our development work in the latest issue of Select

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Please contact your local agronomist or regional site coordinator for more details.


You can see a little more about the trials work being undertaken at some of our regional sites this summer.



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