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Regional Site Overview: Down Ampney


Delivering localised solutions in tough conditions

Quentin Ham

Quentin Ham: Regional Site Coordinator


The South Western regional trials site is held by kind permission of Manor Farm, Down Ampney. Sitting at 270ft above sea level, this site is open and exposed to the elements.

The soil on the main site is primarily heavy clay, however, across the farm we also see Cotswold brash and chalk. Trials work here ranges from small plots to full tramline widths for replicated farm conditions.


At Down Ampney, our trials team are conducting autumn work on oilseed rape establishment options at differing levels of cultivation with/without companion plants.


OSR and companion plants trials


A comparison of winter barley vs spring wheat after cover crops will investigate blackgrass control and gross margin, among other factors.

Wheat establishment work involving four varieties will compare the impact of using less tillage at drilling on the germination and development of the crop and any other differences, for example blackgrass levels.  A small plot variety screen and fungicide input comparison is also taking place.


Winter Wheat Establishment comparison

Down Ampney Establishment Comparison

 Soil Structure Improvements

Down Ampney Cover Crop Trials


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Visitors to the site will also see split field work on enhanced winter wheat nutrition vs standard approach, to evaluate the value of strobilurins in a barley fungicide programme.

The site is being monitored by our Plantsystems Precision Agronomy team, who have set up a weather station for accurate local conditions and will conduct regular drone flights and scanning, to build up knowledge and data.


Open Days

An Open day is scheduled for late June and will address many technical and business challenges from field to farm office including tyre pressure / compaction, compliance schemes and business support.


There will be the opportunity to discuss machinery with local dealers/ manufacturers and variety selection with seed specialists, Ebbage Seeds
For more information on the site or to arrange a visit contact your local Agrovista agronomist, or the regional site coordinator. 


You can see a little more about the trials work being undertaken at some of our regional sites this summer.



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