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Regional Site Overview: Stoughton


Pushing the boundaries of agronomic innovation

Dan Knight: Regional Site Coordinator


They say all roads lead to Rome; however, it could be argued that as far agronomy trial sites in the Midlands go, they lead to Stoughton!
With around 80 acres of trials, it is safe to say Stoughton is an R&D fountain of knowledge the ancient Greeks would have lauded over.

With trials ranging from traditional winter wheat varieties, establishment methods, optimising spray application and specific agronomy input blocks, to name but a few, there really is something for everyone.


At the heart of the trials is innovation to push boundaries whilst reinforcing the basic principles of good, integrated agronomy.

This provides forward-thinking and targeted agronomy through optimising existing practices and embracing new technology such as precision.

Ultimately, in times of uncertainty, this helps provide solutions to growers to help release their full potential.

The trials at Stoughton are spread across a range of field sites and soil types. However, many are situated on the often challenging, Leicestershire clay soils in the balmy climate of the Costa del Stoughton (if only). Subsequently, these trials do not just provide information, but critically relevant regional information to all those who face similar challenges to those at Stoughton. Interactive grower meetings have previously been held last summer and most recently in December 2017.

OSR with Companion Plants

Stoughton: OSR with Companion Plants

Winter Wheat Establishment trials

Winter Wheat establishment trials


A summer meeting for early July has already been confirmed, so keep an eye out for more information in due course.

But if that is not enough, Stoughton trials are open 365 days a year, whether it be something specific or an overall tour, bespoke tours can be catered for.


So, if it’s knowledge you crave, just remember - all roads lead to Stoughton.

To arrange a tour or discuss the techniques on show, contact your Agrovista agronomist or the regional site coordinator.


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