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Taking on the hard feed heavyweights


Sartorial, a new hard feed wheat that features top yields, outstanding early vigour and good resistance against key diseases, is being launched by Agrovista for this coming autumn.

Stuart Cree, Agrovista’s technical seed specialist, says: “We liked the look of Sartorial early on. It is in the same yield bracket as Kerrin, Gleam and Gravity, yielding 105% of controls in breeder trials.”

Early development is exceptional and the variety exhibits rapid early growth, says Stuart. “Sartorial established remarkably well in our establishment trials last autumn across the four key sites from Suffolk to the Scottish Borders.”

Sartorial is ideally suited to October drilling, but can be sown from mid-September to the end of January with due regard to seed rates and spring management, he advises.

“With better standing power than Siskin and as-good disease resistance, Sartorial is very well suited to being a main first or second wheat.”

Septoria resistance is a key attribute, the variety features excellent yellow rust resistance and is resistant to orange wheat blossom midge. Its good specific weight will also bring peace of mind and bodes well for its performance even in cloudy, damper years, says Stuart. 

“Sartorial is a pretty powerful package and looks like being a very good replacement for Santiago and a match for the current hard feed heavyweights on the Recommended List.”


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