Ornamental Products

Discover our range of products for ornamental crop production

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Insecticides; Fungicides; Herbicides; Molluscicides; Rodenticides; Algaecides; Growth regulators; Wetting agents

Ancillary Treatments
Acids; Glass cleaners; Disinfectants; Liquid shading agents

Biological Control
Biological control
Insect monitoring systems

Safety & Storage Equipment
Respiratory equipment; Protective clothing; First aid kits; Chemical stores

Chemical Application Equipment

Growing Media
Composts; Peat; Vermiculite; Perlite; Sands & Grits; Loams; Bark products; Water storage granules

Straight; Compound; Controlled release, Slow release; Water soluble; Liquid seaweed; Trace elements

Fabrics & Polythenes
Ground cover sheeting; Ground cover fixing products; Weed control fabric; Shading & windbreak nettings / products; Fleece crop cover; Anti bird netting; Plant support netting; Polythene tunnel covers; Thin clear polythene; Bubble polythene & fastenings; Black & white perforated polythene

Pots & Growing Containers
Wire hanging baskets; Plastic hanging pots & baskets; Rattan & wicker hanging baskets; Injection moulded & thermoformed plant pots; Injection moulded & thermoformed containers; Heavy duty tree containers; Plastic bedding plant trays; Plastic shuttle trays systems; Empot carry trays; Plastic marketing trays; Polystyrene bedding & carry trays; Plastic modular plug trays; Plant protection cages; Wrought iron troughs & planters; Biodegradable pots; Plastic plant bowls; troughs & patio planters

Hose pipe; Hose fittings; watering roses & lances; Hose reels; Watering cans; Capillary matting; Proportional injectors; Irrigation dilutors; Dripline irrigation; Irrigation sprinklers; Mist & wean propagation systems; Drip irrigation; Irrigation fittings; Irrigation pumps; Surface mounted water tanks

Heating & Ventilation Equipment
Propagation Heatwave panel; Soil warming cable & thermostats; Propagators; Electric, oil & gas fired heaters; Air circulation fans

Transportation Equipment
Trucks & trolleys

Thermal Screens
Thermal screen equipment

Polythene Tunnels & Associated Equipment
Polythene tunnels; Fruit cages

Flower sleeves; Shrink wrap

Production Accessories
Plant labels; Marker pens; Tapes; Max tapener tying equipment; Twines; Plant support systems; Bamboo canes; Tree stakes; Tree ties; Tree guards; Polystyrene sheeting

Hand tools; Secateurs; Knives



Fargro acquires horticulture division of Agrovista UK Ltd

Fargro Ltd announced that it has acquired the southern Ornamental Horticulture division of Agrovista UK.


Regional Site Overview: Coldham

The farm at Coldham Estate comprises of soils ranging from silty clay loam to clay loams and boasts a mixed rotation including potatoes, onions and cereals. Having a good soil type to work with and excellent management help from the estate, we will demonstrate some great trials worth seeing.


Regional Site Overview: Down Ampney

A look at one of our key development sites for the South West region. 

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