Ornamental Products

Discover our range of products for ornamental crop production

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Insecticides; Fungicides; Herbicides; Molluscicides; Rodenticides; Algaecides; Growth regulators; Wetting agents

Ancillary Treatments
Acids; Glass cleaners; Disinfectants; Liquid shading agents

Biological Control
Biological control
Insect monitoring systems

Safety & Storage Equipment
Respiratory equipment; Protective clothing; First aid kits; Chemical stores

Chemical Application Equipment

Growing Media
Composts; Peat; Vermiculite; Perlite; Sands & Grits; Loams; Bark products; Water storage granules

Straight; Compound; Controlled release, Slow release; Water soluble; Liquid seaweed; Trace elements

Fabrics & Polythenes
Ground cover sheeting; Ground cover fixing products; Weed control fabric; Shading & windbreak nettings / products; Fleece crop cover; Anti bird netting; Plant support netting; Polythene tunnel covers; Thin clear polythene; Bubble polythene & fastenings; Black & white perforated polythene

Pots & Growing Containers
Wire hanging baskets; Plastic hanging pots & baskets; Rattan & wicker hanging baskets; Injection moulded & thermoformed plant pots; Injection moulded & thermoformed containers; Heavy duty tree containers; Plastic bedding plant trays; Plastic shuttle trays systems; Empot carry trays; Plastic marketing trays; Polystyrene bedding & carry trays; Plastic modular plug trays; Plant protection cages; Wrought iron troughs & planters; Biodegradable pots; Plastic plant bowls; troughs & patio planters

Hose pipe; Hose fittings; watering roses & lances; Hose reels; Watering cans; Capillary matting; Proportional injectors; Irrigation dilutors; Dripline irrigation; Irrigation sprinklers; Mist & wean propagation systems; Drip irrigation; Irrigation fittings; Irrigation pumps; Surface mounted water tanks

Heating & Ventilation Equipment
Propagation Heatwave panel; Soil warming cable & thermostats; Propagators; Electric, oil & gas fired heaters; Air circulation fans

Transportation Equipment
Trucks & trolleys

Thermal Screens
Thermal screen equipment

Polythene Tunnels & Associated Equipment
Polythene tunnels; Fruit cages

Flower sleeves; Shrink wrap

Production Accessories
Plant labels; Marker pens; Tapes; Max tapener tying equipment; Twines; Plant support systems; Bamboo canes; Tree stakes; Tree ties; Tree guards; Polystyrene sheeting

Hand tools; Secateurs; Knives



Keeping seed stocks healthy

Agrovista's Andy Steven advises on more than 1500ha of seed potato crops in the north of Scotland; he maintains that growing quality seed is not that different from producing were but says there are a number of challenges negotiate, starting with land selection.


Folier nutrients can give an edge

Getting foliar nutrient right means a healthier crop and can give yields a welcome boost - CPM seeks some advice on how to get the best results.


Passionate about better productivity

Chris Martin wants to improve yields and help farmers protect their businesses in the future, as Wendy Short explains.

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