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Plantsystems from Agrovista is the technology brand that combines all of our precision farming activities and expertise to meet the needs of farming and food production now and in the future

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With sustainable farming and environmental monitoring at the core of Plantsystems activities, we believe it will be essential for you, the modern grower, to have access to technological developments in an easy, intergrated way.

The data collected from various systems provides a background to help with managing every field in an efficient manner, allowing cost and time saving by utilising variable rate applications.

The Complete Precision Farming Solution
The complete precision farming solution from Plantsystems gives you access to unrivalled precision farming advice, supported by a range of hardware and software tools to make full use of new and existing equipment and to maximise your margins. Our precision farming experts are BASIS and FACTS qualified, ensuring that whatever advice you require, they understand not only the technology, but the crops you are growing.


Sustainable Farming
Plantsystems main farming customers produce fresh produce predominantly for the main multiple retailers and processors.


Weather Stations and Environmental Monitoring
Customers for environmental monitoring products and weather data are also farmers, manufacturers, sports and leisure providers, conservation and environmental protection organisations, research and education institutes and insurance assessors.

Plantsystems have supplied and operated professional automatic weather stations in the UK and Ireland since 1996, meeting client's requirements for easy access to real-time weather data in a user-friendly format. Daily Weather Forecast is tailored specifically for agriculture and our Daily Forecast Xtra service includes a disease risk prediction based on the weather forecast and local weather data collected from our weather stations. Plantsystems growers optimise inputs, increase crop quality and profitability.


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Precision Farming Solutions For The Modern Farm

Our precision farming experts are BASIS and FACTS qualified to ensure that whatever advice you require, they understand not only the technology, but the crops you are growing.

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Soil nutrient mapping and zoning
  • Soil conductivity mapping (EC or EM technology)
  • GPS Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) sampling
  • Organic Matter mapping (GPS)
  • Variable Nitrogen applications (Crop sensor/UAV)
  • UAV (drone) aerial imagery
  • Crop Sensor Specialists
  • Variable input maps
  • Analysis to ISO9001 Accreditation
  • Leaching Risk Maps
  • Hardware & Software solutions
  • Yield Map processing and software
  • Remote Software Support
  • Cloud-based software (mapping/forecast/records)


Fargro acquires horticulture division of Agrovista UK Ltd

Fargro Ltd announced that it has acquired the southern Ornamental Horticulture division of Agrovista UK.


Regional Site Overview: Coldham

The farm at Coldham Estate comprises of soils ranging from silty clay loam to clay loams and boasts a mixed rotation including potatoes, onions and cereals. Having a good soil type to work with and excellent management help from the estate, we will demonstrate some great trials worth seeing.


Regional Site Overview: Down Ampney

A look at one of our key development sites for the South West region. 

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