Soil health

Better understand in-field variances

This is designed to help agronomists and growers understand in-field variances to better manage the land. This service starts with a soil variation scan. See pages 4-7 for more information. Biomass images are then taken from satellite data to see whether establishment and yield are affected by soil type.

  • It is important to pick up trends within fields. We will take up to ten images from over three years to identify potential yield and establishment trends (yield data will be used in place of satellite data where applicable).
  • If trends do show, these can be compared with soil type to establish where to look for limiting factors within a field.

Once these reports have been created it is then time for a discussion with the grower and agronomist.

Standard service includes:

  • EM soil variation scan
  • First year VR seed maps
  • Data interpretation
  • Soil sampling not included – please click here for more information

Download our Precision Farming Services Brochure click here

scans of a field from 2019 to 2021 showing changes in soil health accross the field