Remix is a unique adjuvant for use with residual herbicides in a range of winter and spring crops to reduce drift, improve weed control and crop safety.

The first adjuvant of this type in the Europe, Remix is a blend of highly refined paraffinic oil (aliphatic hydrocarbons) combined with hexahydric alcohol ethoxylates and C18-C20 fatty acids.

The components in Remix encapsulate the herbicide and have three effects:

  • Reducing the number of fine spray droplets (under 100 microns) which are prone to drift. This helps ensure the herbicide reaches the correct target.
  • Spray distribution pattern is very important in achieving high levels of weed control with residual herbicides. When there is little or no crop present (pre or early post crop emergence applications) turbulence below the spray boom can give an uneven spray pattern. Remix ensures droplets land uniformly beneath the spray boom, and so the field is painted, this is particularly effective with air inclusion nozzles that are often used to apply residual herbicides.
  • Remix coats the herbicide with a specialized charged layer which increases adsorption to soil particles. This increases retention of the herbicide in the active zone, where the majority of weed seeds germinate, and can increase crop safety.

Key benefits

  • Increased uniformity of spray pattern
  • Reduction in drift potential
  • Move active to target
  • Reduced crop phytotoxity
  • Improved weed control & yield

Application rate

  • 0.2 - 0.4 l/ha

Pack sizes

  • 1l, 3l, 5l


Remix is compatible with a wide range of residual herbicides including clomazone, diflufenican, flufenacet, linuron, metazachlor, metribuzin, pendimethalin, prosulfocarb, quinmerac.

Always add Remix to the spray tank last.