Sartorial - Group 4 Hard

EXCLUSIVE to Agrovista: Sartorial delivers exceptional early vigour and outstanding performance

  •       Very high yields
  •       Excellent establishment 
  •       Robust Yellow Rust resistance 

Sartorial - Group 4 Hard

Agrovista Exclusive

Exceptional early vigour delivering outstanding performance

Excellent establishment capability backed by AUK in-house trials.

Vigorous growth habit akin to Siskin with higher yield and spec weight. 

Equal YR and 6+ septoria tritici resistance. 

OWBM resistant. Santiago parentage plus higher spec weight boosts light land performance while rapid, 

competitive early season development offers later drilling benefits with challenging seedbeds.


  •       Very high yields – similar to hard feed heavyweights 
  •       Excellent establishment 
  •       Robust Yellow Rust and Septoria tritici resistance 
  •       OWBM resistance




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