Sartorial - Group 4 Hard

EXCLUSIVE to Agrovista: Sartorial delivers exceptional early vigour and outstanding performance

  •       Very high yields
  •       Excellent establishment 
  •       Robust Yellow Rust resistance 

Sartorial - Group 4 Hard

Agrovista Exclusive

Exceptional early vigour delivering outstanding performance

Excellent establishment capability backed by AUK in-house trials.

Vigorous growth habit akin to Siskin with higher yield and spec weight. 

Equal YR and 6+ septoria tritici resistance. 

OWBM resistant. Santiago parentage plus higher spec weight boosts light land performance while rapid, 

competitive early season development offers later drilling benefits with challenging seedbeds.


  •       Very high yields – similar to hard feed heavyweights 
  •       Excellent establishment 
  •       Robust Yellow Rust and Septoria tritici resistance 
  •       OWBM resistance




One team culture delivers marketing results

Despite being given the task of ‘shaking things up’, Jodie Vale believes it’s a culture of team belonging that has truly transformed Agrovista’s marketing.


Agrovista opens new upgraded Dundee depot

Sprayer care starts here, was the message at the official opening of the new Agrovista Dundee depot, recently.


Leading the way in seed

Having worked in the seed trade for most of her career, Claire currently oversees production at Agrovista’s Riby depot in Lincolnshire – a role in which she thrives thanks to her problem-solving nature.