Specialist Seed Services

With seeds supplied for a variety of uses, technical expertise, best practice and precision services all rolled into a flexible package, Agrovista is the perfect partner for your seed solutions

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Seed and variety assistance

At Agrovista we can provide you with specialist seed supply and end market advice, utilising the resources and skills of our seed and marketing partners. These partnerships provide you with access to high-quality seed, from varieties that have been specifically targeted to meet end user needs.

Our partnerships give you the edge 

Our relationships with leading plant breeders give us access to varieties three years prior to HGCA Recommendation. This allows us to test them in conjunction with our business partners. As a result, our growers benefit from our early knowledge of how best to grow the new varieties and the security that these selections are appropriate for local or national markets.

End market advice

Through our strong relationships we can provide a range of innovative and flexible marketing tools.

These are designed to: 

• Manage risk and maximise crop values by matching individual farm production with the best market
• Meet end user needs by pairing growers with consumers across a highly efficient supply chain
• Add value to growers and minimise costs
• Empower growers to become key suppliers to food, drink or feed businesses

We recognise the true value of British provenance - we are committed to enhanced food security and traceability that complies with UK legislation. Consumers can be confident that they are buying grain that will meet their every need; material that is safe, secure and of the highest quality.

Speak to your Agrovista Agronomist for the latest seed and marketing innovations.

High-quality Seed Supply and Trusted Advice

At Agrovista we give you a full agronomy package designed to maximise the potential of both land and seed:

  • Seed Supply

  • Decision Support

  • End Markets

  • Seed Dressing

  • Expert Agronomy

  • Variable Rate Drilling & Precision Support

  • Cover Crops & Companion Plants

  • Establishment Best Practise

  • Partnerships & Shared Knowledge 


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