Soil is essential. As a grower, you need to understand the structure and fertility of your soils to maximise your inputs and yields. 

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Sustainable farming and environmental monitoring are core to our Decision Support activities. 
We believe it is essential for you, the modern grower, to have access to technological developments in an easy and integrated way.

At Agrovista, we are passionate about soil health and have developed a range of services to help you maximise your natural resources. 


Developed in partnership with our soil health experts, our range of precision farming services help you to get to know your soil better

GPS Soil Sampling

Reduce your costs by applying inputs only where they are needed.


Veris U3 Soil Scanning

Comprehensive mapping of your soil.


Variable Rate

Tailor your seeds and applications with your soil and crop conditions.


Optimise Water Use

Make every drop count. Use soil moisture sensors to measure moisture deficit and rainfall at field level and schedule your irrigation accordingly.


PCN Testing

Take action against PCN to ensure your soil and subsequent crop health.


Laboratory Services

A package of expert laboratory testing and analytical services to for agriculture.



Delivering Consistent Quality to Award Winning Ayrshire Farm

Hugh Watson of Ayrshire, has been a loyal customer of South West Seeds, now part of Agrovista, for three decades. Hugh talks about the need for consistent quality and a trusted partnership are the foundation of his grass-only farm


Increasing supply of early spring grass can pay dividends

Grass biostimulant mix delivers impressive £117/ha return on investment - read the full article on the impact of TerraSorb


Case Study - Undersowing Maize in Shropshire

We speak to farmer Barry Jones about the impact of in-field trials on his maize crop

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