Steve Butler - Precision Farming Specialist

A day in the life

Who are you and what’s your role at Agrovista

Hi, I’m Steve Butler, I am a Precision Farming Specialist for Agrovista UK. I am predominantly based in the Yorkshire region but also cover North of England and into Scotland. My role is to assist any of our growers with moving forward in any aspect of Precision Farming we offer.

How did you get into this career?

I have always had an interest in agriculture and first was exposed to precision farming from when I worked on farm in my teenage years. With other work experience including 3yrs at a local machinery dealer, I also developed more knowledge and interest in this side of agriculture. After realising a role was required within the precision team over 2 years ago I was very keen to explore this opportunity and have never looked back.

What does your job typically involve?

Every day is different! Ranging from, on farm discussing growers’ different options with them to being out in the field soil scanning and creating variable rate files to help the grower optimise inputs to improve yield. Other jobs include drone flying, weatherstation installation & servicing, yield data cleaning, organising soil sampling, and supporting our team of agronomists. Being a member of the new soil health team keeps me up to date with new things coming through. Looking for new things coming to the market. Attending shows & events both nationally and locally is also a part of my role.

What's the best part of your job?

The variety, having so many different options to offer means no two days are the same. This ensures I am never stood still for long. I also enjoy making sure our growers have available as much as possible to help them obtain more efficacy and ultimately higher yields. As cringy as it sounds, having a happy and satisfied grower or agronomist means my role has been done correctly therefore gives me job satisfaction.

What’s most challenging?

Keeping up to date with new technology coming through. Trying to find time to research new developments and information coming into the market is a challenge, but on the other side is interesting to get to see what’s happening sometimes a couple of years before they hit the market.