Super Charge - TechniSward

  •       Based on hybrid and perennial ryegrass
  •       High yielding mixture for cutting or grazing

TechniSward Super Charge

Based on Hybrid and Perennial Rygrasses. A high yielding mixture for cutting or grazing.




20% Hybrid Ryegrass Plus

20% Italian Ryegrass Plus

30% Tetraploid Hybrid Ryegrass 

30% Tetraploid Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass 


Key Points 

• Estimated 67D date in Central UK, 16th May (for North +10 days, for South -10 days)

• Minimum suggested seed rate 14kg/acre (35kg/ha)

• Excellent intensive silage mixture

• High sugar forage for good intakes and silage fermentation

• Lofa Hybrid Ryegrass PlusTM brings yield, quality and persistence

• 20% Red Clover option


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