Technical trials

Agrovista makes the latest science applicable to you

Trials and technical developments

The world of crop science never stands still. But, Agrovista is here to make it easier to understand the latest developments, and how they apply to you and your business.

Harvesting information from our independent field trials across the country, more than 400 replicated trials with thousands of individual plots, enables our agronomists and technical experts to give you unbiased recommendations that count.

Different choices of products and varieties, both existing and new, are adjusted per crop, soil type and climatic variation, to ensure the trial’s relevance.

And with more than 50 host farms across Britain, Agrovista gives our customers a realistic, independent view on how best to tackle concerns. 

Trials meetings across the UK

Held at various sites throughout the year, meet our technical team and other industry experts to hear about our latest trial results. Register with your local group to receive invitations to the regional events that matter to you. Visit the events page for more information.

Visit the events page for more information.

Some of our trials:

  • Nutrient seed treatments and primed seed
  • Row width and plant population
  • Seed rate and band estaablishment
  • Band application of nutrients and herbicides
  • Inter-row application of non-selective herbicides
  • Zero-till establishment
  • Grassweed control strategies