Turbo Charge - TechniSward

  •       Highly productive mixture
  •       Intensive cutting or grazing

TechniSward Turbo Charge

A highly productive mixture for intensive cutting or grazing.



50% Italian Ryegrass

35% Italian Ryegrass Plus

15% Tetraploid Hybrid Ryegrass 


Key Points 

• Estimated 67D date in Central UK, 18 May (for North +10 days, for South -10 days)

• Minimum suggested seed rate 14kg/acre (35kg/ha)

• Suits both cutting and grazing

• Ideal for haylage production

• Quick recovery after cutting

• Contains Perun Italian Ryegrass PlusTM for yield and persistency

• 15% Red Clover option


Agrovista UK Limited to acquire Maxwell Amenity

An agreement has been reached between Agrovista and the majority shareholders of Maxwell Amenity, and the transaction is expected to conclude in the next couple of months once the parties have finalised certain preparatory steps.


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