For use with fungicides in a range of crops including cereals and oilseed rape.

A unique, patented blend of organo-silicone and methylated seed oil, together with emulsfiers.

Velocity has been designed for use with fungicides to improve disease control, application efficiency and yield.

Velocity works in three ways

  • Reduced droplet bounce and shatter
  • Velocity lowers the surface tension of the spray droplet, so that as the droplet hits the surface it is retained on the leaf
  • Enhanced coverage of the leaf

The optimised dose of the organosilicone compex in Velocity means complete coverage of the leaf surface. This ensures that the fungicide(s) are evenly coated over the leaf to maximise the protection against foliar disease, even at lower volumes and higher forward speeds.

Increased uptake of fungicide through the waxy cuticle

The upper leaf surface of cereals and oilseed raoe is covered in a layer of water repellent waxes, which reduces the uptake of fungicide into the leaf. Velocity can enhance the uptake of triazoles, for example, through this wax layer and can also aid rapid fungicide uptake via stomatal pores.

Key benefits

  • Reduced droplet bounce and shatter
  • Enhanced coverage over leaf surface
  • Increased uptake of fungicide
  • Improved disease control and yield
  • Enables lower water volume applications

Pack size

  • 1, 3 and 5 Litre

Application rate

  • 0.25% (250ml per 100 litres of spray solution)


  • Velocity is compatible with all cereal and oilseed rape fungicides including triazoles, SDHI's and strobilurins and can be applied in a range of practical tank mixes
  • Check the latest compatibilites. Always add Velocity to the spray tank last
white bottle with a yellow label reaging velocity