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Get to know your soils in greater detail

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Knowledge is power

Get to know your soils in greater detail with advanced soil scanning from Veris

Understanding our soils has never been easier and is the first vital step in modern efficient farming.

With more advanced lab tests now available you can know exactly what your soils consist of, what life is in the soil and how it is made up!


But what about the day to day physical aspects of the soil?

The bits that over many years will affect yield potentials and the characteristics of how crops will grow?


The Veris U3 is a soil scanner like no other. With just one pass we can show you;

  • EC
  • OM
  • p.H
  • Slope
  • Curve

Combine these elements and see;

  • Water capacity
  • N leach risk
  • Nutrient risk
  • Yield potential

The data collected on its own will give you very good indications of soil characteristics.






But, by combining the individual data sets we can help you understand soil health and how that soil may perform under certain conditions.


Once data has been collected and calibrated with lab results, zones can be created using multiple data sets from the U3 to show:

  • Optimum seed zones
  • Nitrogen leaching zones
  • Nutrient lock up zones
  • Water capacity zones
  • Organic matter zones
  • pH zones
  • Soil texture
  • Land topography
  • CEC (cation exchange capacity)


These data sets can be used to make management decisions such as:

  • VR lime
  • VR seed
  • Management of organic manures
  • Yield potential zones


The Veris U3 advanced soil scanning technology




To find out more information or to inquire about the U3 Veris,

please contact the Precision Farming team on  


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