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Agrovista Project Lamport

Successfully drilling spring crops on heavy land is possible. Agrovista Project Lamport shows you how...

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is a real challenge in the fight against grass weeds.

Growing Through Innovation

At Agrovista UK, we combine science, technology and experience to deliver practical agronomic solutions to growers

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring tools from Plantsystems help you maximise the use of natural resources by working with nature  

Plantsystems Precision Agronomy

Plantsystems from Agrovista combines the latest technology with agronomic know-how, to help you maximise your yield potential  

Fungicide Application

Highlights some of the work done in our Insite trials and shows the benefits of nozzle choice, angling and spacing for different targets.

Companion Planting

Highlights the benefit of Companion Planting in OSR and shows some of the work done in our Growcrop Gold trials.

Project Lamport

An introduction to the Project Lamport Trials site.

Companion Gold Drift Companion

How Companion Gold can improve drift reduciton in a range of different nozzle configurations.
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Unique opportunities from Under 40s Fruit Growers Conference – a sponsor’s view

Alex Radu, fruit technical manager at Agrovista, reviews the recent Under 40s Fruit Growers’ Conference trip to Chile.


Case Study - Undersowing Maize in Shropshire

We speak to farmer Barry Jones about the impact of in-field trials on his maize crop


Keep early N in the rooting zone to cut losses

Much of the early nitrogen applied to cereal and oilseed rape crops across the country during the mild late-February spell could go to waste

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