Growers Choice Interactive

The most up-to-date online disease and pest forecasting service for fruit growers in the UK

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Growers Choice Interactive (GCI) from Agrovista is a web-based, pest and disease modelling service supplying continuously updated information utilising the latest computer modelling techniques to ensure efficient, timely and effective use of plant protection products.

Using live weather data from a network of stations, coupled with RIMPro disease prediction software, you can access live graphs showing;

•      Weather data 
•      Scab infection risks (primary and secondary season) 
•      Codling moth flight activity 
•      Mating activity 
•      Egg deposition and larval emergence for your farm

Data is updated every 60 minutes allowing you to maximise your control, and minimise your costs, while producing the highest quality crops.

Growers Choice Interactive is subscription service which will also include text messages to your mobile phone, to alert you to major events, and telephone access to a trained agronomist.

Growers Choice Interactive

“The most up-to-date online disease and pest forecasting service for top fruit growers”

Reduce residues
Reduce input costs
Time applications to perfection
Avoid unnecessary applications
Maximise product efficacy and efficiency


For more information or to access this subscription facility please contact us on

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