Grassland Agronomy

Professional agronomy services for forage crops

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Working in partnership with UK livestock farmers to maximise forage production


Our agronomists provide:

  • The best practical and technical approach in grassland and forage crops.
  • Thoroughly researched and tested advice on product use that optimises forage performance from chemical, fertiliser and grass and clover variety usage.
  • The maximum yield per acre through inspection and regular monitoring with corrective actions taken to control weeds and pests.  
  • Clear printed recommendation forms on product use showing comments on application to aid operators and reduce potential errors.
  • Field and sward assessments, reseeding plans and rotation planning and nutrient management planning; with the objective of optimising forage efficiency to produce more milk / meat from forage. 
  • Focus on forage utilisation by optimising grazing and cutting strategies, analysing options such as multi-cut v traditional two-cut system and the use of silage additives. 
  • Access to Agrovista demonstration sites, trials open days and technical meetings to bring the latest techniques forward for discussion with relevance to your own business.
  • Regular technical bulletins and trial results to keep you informed of topical issues and new developments.


All the above is backed up by in-house support of agronomists with balanced information from our own research, as well as AHDB, NIAB, ADAS,  TEAGASC and SRUC.



Complimentary services from your local agronomy experts


  • Soil Sampling and fertiliser advice.
  • Soil analysis and nutrient plans, soil management plans, manure plans, NVZ compliance reports, tissue testing and nutrient advice.


In addition to establishing the chemical fertility of the soil, physical (soil structure, compaction) and biological (microbial and worm activity, Organic Matter content) fertility are also assessed.


  • Access to practical, independent and confidential business advice. Advice on agri-environment schemes, including an insight into probable subsidy changes, cross-compliance, single payment issues and contract farming agreements.
  • Assistance with farm recording systems and the production of management information.
  • Assistance with submitting applications for Countryside Stewardship Mid and Higher Tier and simplified schemes.
  • Cross Compliance audits to identify potential areas where your business is exposed to risk.
  • Assistance with all types of grant applications.


  • Assistance with managing precision farming technologies and systems.
  • Interpretation of information from field maps for variable rate applications; yield mapping.  Partnership work with Farmade, Muddy Boots / Green Light available via the cloud-based hub, Axis.
  • Grid and conductivity soil scanning through Electro Magnetic scanning.
  • Access to drone and satellite services to produce establishment maps, weed mapping, plant counting, biomass mapping, disease mapping, RPA inspection validation, farm building inspections.
  • Monitor weather conditions and providing forecasting to help make better agronomic and economic decisions.



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