Take control

MZ28 is a foliar applied controlled release nitrogen fertiliser, for use on feed wheat with sustainable long term benefits.

Research has shown that MZ28 helps in blackgrass and disease control levels and can be used with other products to enhance nitrogen utilisation.

The biggest benefit MZ28 can bring, is to help reduce the carbon footprint on farm.

close up wheat plant with bar chart showing movement


Growers will be able to manage their N applications, maintain efficiencies and yield whilst improving soil health by providing help in:

  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Reduction in AN to protect soil health
  • Reduction in blackgrass levels
  • Reduction in disease levels


MZ28 has been developed to replace 40-50kg of N in feed wheat, timed at the final split, post traditional fertilisation.

replace 40kg n with 28 l per ha of mz 28 mz28 is 85% more efficient


How it works

Applied directly onto the leaf, MZ28 provides an oily resinous quality, it will not dry out on the surface like other foliar materials, and will remain wet for longer, increasing the amount of N absorbed.

Its unique wetting effect resists crystallisation on the leaf, whilst the polymers stick the product to the leaf, providing protection from the air.

High efficiency

The high bio-availability of the nutrients result in typically 85-95% utilisation of applied nutrients. Post emergence foliar application enables inputs to be tailored to crop and seasonal requirements providing increased flexibility of nutritional programmes.

Controlled release

The specialised polymers of variable length degrade and release their nitrogen over a period of 6-8 weeks inside the plant providing a sustained period of fertilisation.

Excellent crop safety

The low salt content and very low biuret content ensures excellent crop safety, even at high temperatures. This enables applications to occur throughout the crop growth cycle.

Volatilisation and salting out

The specialised formulation results in a low risk of salting out of nutrients on the plant surface and minimal risk of volatilisation, ensuring use of applied nutrients


The specialised polymers in MZ28 coat the foliage and then lock into place. The fertiliser remains in place feeding the plant over a 6-8 week period – whatever the weather!

MZ28 bio wetting system

Contains bio nutrition wetting system. Not only does this system improve wetting and spreading and sticking of the fertiliser, the surfactant components are absorbed by the plant, metabolised, and used for growth.

MZ28 feed wheat trials 

Lamport AgX product trials

no substatial difference with reduced mz28 n compared to standard n significat reduction in blackgrass seed heads

Yield map

Average yield: 10.18t/ha

yoeld map showing average yield of 10.18 t/ha

North Yorkshire product trials

yield similar with reduced rate n from mz28

untreted and treated wheat trials