Liquid Gypsum

A liquid soil conditioner that helps soil flocculation; improving workability, drainage and root exploration to support crop establishment.

Gypsum (calcium sulphate dihydrate) causes the small particles found in clay soil to flocculate to create larger particles. In doing so, this enables better aggregation leading to improved soil porosity, water infiltration and drainage, as well as increased root development. This can all assist in improving water use efficiency.

Soils treated with gypsum are well-equipped for tillage, requiring less energy for cultivation and posing a lower risk of compaction. Improved soil aggregation and permeability also provide an excellent starting point for introducing no-till management systems.

In liquid form, gypsum quickly penetrates the entire top soil, flocculating the soil particles at depths where roots are most active. By creating stable soil particles and therefore pore spaces, roots can move more easily. Liquid Gypsum is also a useful nutrition source of calcium and sulphur, helping to improve structure whilst balancing calcium-magnesium ratios particularly in ‘tight’ high magnesium soils.

As the product is applied with a conventional sprayer, risk of further soil compaction through machinery use is reduced. With soil health named as a key factor in the new Agriculture Bill, use of gypsum to help improve structure and functionality is likely to increase significantly across the UK, as farmers are encouraged to move less soil mechanically.

wheat establishing in a filed

Liquid Gypsum offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces soil cracking, run-off and erosion
  • Supports crop establishment
  • Source of calcium and sulphur
  • Increases stability of organic matter
  • Improves harvest conditions for root crops
  • Fast acting compared to granular equivalents/li>

What this means for you

Liquid Gypsum can be applied through a conventional sprayer using traditional water volumes. This means application is more accurate than many traditional sources of gypsum which are difficult to apply evenly, as shown below.

liquid gypsum application on arable field

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applciation rate of 5 to 20 litres per hectare to soil pre or during cultivation

Other features

  • Liquid formulation
  • Fully soluble and tank mixable
  • Can be used with conventional farm sprayers
  • Available in various pack sizes

three blue, green and grey circles with text reading liquid gypsum is highly soluble and as such is around 2000 times more effective than insoluble gypsum (on a weight for weight basis)


*On a weight for weight basis