Minimise nitrogen losses

Nitrogen is core to fulfilling a maize crop’s yield potential, but it is a balancing act.

Too little and the crop’s yield will be limited; too much is not only uneconomical, but it has consequences for the environment.

Two of the major factors that are important on getting the best return from maize crops:

  • Choosing the right variety for your circumstances
  • Providing your crop with adequate nutrition

What does it do?

Instinct is a nitrogen stabiliser, which slows down the conversion of ammonium to nitrate in the soil, keeping nitrogen in its most available form for longer.

It works on artificial fertilisers, slurries and digestates, maximising the yield/quality potential of the crop while reducing nitrogen escape into the environment.

agricultural crop growing, with arrows pointing to soil

How does it do it?

Extending nitrogen availability within the rooting zone increases the chances of a crop fulfilling its potential. There have been many trials across the UK and Europe examining the impact Instinct has on maize yield, the results of which are shown in the chart below.

In the UK, yield increases of more than 10% have been seen, especially if the crop is grown on light soils in high rainfall areas and where total nitrogen rates were moderate. These trials were conducted using a variety of fertiliser types – urea, UAN, AN, slurry and digestate.

If the fertiliser contains ammonium, Instinct stabilises the ammonium, keeping more in the soil for longer, just when the crop needs it.


  • Slows the nitrification process
  • Keeps nitrogen in the soil for as long as possible
  • Maximises nitrogen when used with UAN, urea and liquid manures


  • Reduces nitrogen losses
  • Extends nitrogen availability
  • Limits greenhouse gas production


The guiding principle is to apply the product as close to the main fertiliser application as possible. There are several ways to apply Instinct:

  • With glyphosate pre-drilling
  • Before drilling with slurry
  • With UAN
  • With residual herbicides
  • With post-em herbicides

Instinct is compatible with many crop protection inputs typically applied to maize.

Instinct needs to get into the soil to work. This can be achieved in two ways – mechanical incorporation (eg discing and drilling) or with rainfall. 12mm of rain is needed within 10 days of the Instinct application.


Instinct provides yield optimisation and nitrogen management flexibility.

winter wheat yield increase of 7% from insticnt application 135kg n compared to 180 kg of n