Rural consultancy services

Professional farming support to help your business maximise opportunities and improve efficiency.

Agrovista Rural Consultancy is a dedicated team of experienced farm and environmental business consultants working across the UK. Working independently and in support of the company’s agronomy teams, we deliver strategic business advice and support covering a wide range of subjects.

Basic Payment Scheme

Annual applications to the Basic Payment Scheme are still required and we can help you with all aspects of this process. From Land Registration and map checking to Entitlement sourcing and through to complete applications our advisors have a vast level of experience to help with all aspects of the process.

Countryside Stewardship

It is been agreed that new applications can be submitted during the annual application window up until 2023. Our experienced advisors have a vast knowledge and experience of the scheme and are able to design a scheme that works best for the farm, the environment and the farmer.

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Agricultural transition

During the period 2021 to 2027 the amount paid through the Basic Payment Scheme to farm businesses is set to reduce and by 2027 the final payment will be made.

2020 Payment Band 2021` 2022 2023 2024
£0 - £30,000 5% 20% 35% 50%
£30,001 - £50,000 10% 25% 40% 55%
£50,001- £150,000 20% 35% 50% 65%
Amount redirected into other schemes for farmers £169-179m c£427-447m c£705-733 c£970-1,010m
Estimated deductions 2025 2026 2027 2028
£0-30,00 65% 80% 95% 100%
£30,001-50,000 70% 85% 100% 100%
£50,001-150,000 80% 95% 100% 100%
>£150,001 85% 100% 100% 100%

Many farm businesses rely on the BPS income to provide profitability to their businesses. During this transition period Agrovista Rural Consultancy will be able to help businesses plan their way through so that they are able to adapt to the loss of this income.


Environmental Land Management –all future payments to farmers and land managers will be paid through a new scheme which will have three levels of engagement:

SFI – Sustainable Farming Incentive – farmers will receive payments to manage their land in an environmentally sustainable way. The scheme is made up of a number of standards with different levels of engagement in each. Farmers can choose which standards they want to participate in and at what level. Each standard and level has its own payment

Local Nature Recovery – this scheme will pay for actions that support local nature recovery and meet local environmental priorities.

Landscape Recovery – this will support landscape and ecosystem recovery through long-term projects, such as:

  • Restoring wilder landscapes in places where it’s appropriate
  • Large-scale tree planting
  • Peatland and saltmarsh restoration

Agrovista Rural Consultancy will be able to advise and guide farmers through these new schemes as they become available. We have been involved with a number of the Test-and-Trials that have been carried out and we have a number of farmers engaging with the Pilot for the SFI.

Nutrient planning

We have our own dedicated software that all our consultants use to prepare Nutrient, Manure and Soil management plans for NVZ, Farm Assurance and the Farming Rules for Water. All farms should have a set of plans in place that details where and how they provide nutrients to their growing crops, including grassland.

This is currently one of the key areas of the new Sustainable Farming Incentive that is currently being piloted.

Cross compliance

This is still a part of claiming the Basic Payment Scheme and includes 7 GAEC’s (Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition) and 13 SMR’s (Statutory Management Requirements). These requirements need meeting in order to claim the BPS and many of which are now part of law and need to be adhered to regardless of whether the BPS is being claimed or not.