Equilibrium Extra

A dual purpose biostimulant that improves overall quality and marketable yield.

Equilibrium® Extra combines the same readily-available amino acids as Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra, but combines them with oligosaccharide seaweed extracts as a tailored product for high-value crops such as potatoes.

Oligosaccharides are complex sugars that stimulate a plant to enhance its nutrient flow from the soil and translocation through the plant, whilst promoting rooting and shooting. This improves a plant’s ability to access nutrition, as well as its overall health.

Because seaweed extracts have a positive effect on plant physiology including reproduction physiology, this leads to an increase in uniformity, particularly useful in optimising marketable yield.

Eqilibrium Extra offers the following benefits:

  • Improved energy usage and stress tolerance
  • Support for establishment and plant development
  • Improved nutrient and water utilisation
  • Improved marketable yield and quality

What this means for you

For potato growers, application of Equilibrium Extra results in an increase in optimum tuber size (65-85mm), improving the overall marketability of the crop and reducing under or over-sized tubers. This is demonstrated through the following grower trial in North Norfolk in 2019*:

Yield (kg/m row) and tuber size distribution

Yield (kg/m row length)

Equilibrium Extra grower trials on potato demonstrate a 33% yield increase compared to untreated. (Average of 3x 1m row length test digs per plot.)