Innovation range

Demonstrating return on investment

It’s long been understood that the future of traditional crop protection products is uncertain. The regulatory landscape has a huge influence on what we, as an industry, can achieve in effective food production.

But it could also be a need to protect our environment, avoid exceeding maximum residue levels (MRLs), or the desire to try something new, that drives us to think outside of the box and step into the world of bioscience.

Whilst we want to be creative and smart with our product choices, we also need to be able to demonstrate a return on investment from using these innovations. With abundance in the market-place, bioscience products must prove their efficacy to really make a difference.

Through our network of global innovators, Agrovista brings the latest in scientific developments to you, the grower. Whether that’s maximising chlorophyll production, or mitigating plant stress, we are proud to provide products that are supported by both academic research and field trials.

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A unique biostimulant seed treatment complex for cereal crops that supports germination and improves crop establishment.

Voltek contains a biostimulant complex known as a metabolite - a unique blend of phosphite, keto acids and additional nutrients. Applied as a seed treatment, this supports the growth and development of young seedlings as they emerge from day one.

  • Enhanced germination
  • Increased root and shoot biomass
  • Improved establishment rate and crop uniformity
  • Increased stress tolerance including overwintering

wheat early stage of growth green leaf

wheat establishing in soil

NUELLO® iN and Voltek Bio

A combination of two complementary seed treatments offering the ultimate support for plant establishment and early nutrition.

By choosing to use NUELLO® iN and Voltek Bio seed treatments in combination, growers are addressing the biological and biostimulant requirements of a crop right from day one.

  • Improved nutrition uptake and efficiency
  • Increased root and shoot biomass
  • Supported plant establishment and early vigour
  • Improved crop uniformity
  • Resistance to stress


L-CBF BOOST™ is formulated using filtered cane molasses and contains a range of nutrients including nitrogen, potash and sulphur. It works by acting as a food source for soil microbes and fungi, which enables them to increase in population. With greater numbers, these then improve the availability of key nutrients; boosting root mass, crop yield and overall soil and plant health.

  • Improves nutrient availability and cycling
  • Increases root mass
  • Supports long-term organic matter building including cover crop conversion
  • Low C:N ratio to help balance soils
  • Improves applied fertiliser efficiency

soil structure with agronomist

crop growing in brown soil, in a green thin circle

Liquid Gypsum

A liquid soil conditioner that helps soil flocculation; improving workability, drainage and root exploration to support crop establishment.

Gypsum (calcium sulphate dihydrate) causes the small particles found in clay soil to flocculate to create larger particles. In doing so, this enables better aggregation leading to improved soil porosity, water infiltration and drainage, as well as increased root development. This can all assist in improving water use efficiency.

  • Liquid formulation
  • Fully soluble and tank mixable
  • Can be used with conventional farm sprayers
  • Available in various pack sizes

Phosphorus Liberator

Phosphorus Liberator is a soil-applied product that dissolves existing phosphorus locked up in the soil, making it available to plants and improving soil health.

Phosphorus Liberator contains carboxylic acid salt – an organic compound with the ability to break down calcium phosphate found in soil, into crop available form.

  • Improves soil heath and access to nutrition
  • Supports plant growth and establishment through increased rooting
  • Maximises phosphate and fertiliser efficiency

crop sprouting from soil

a picture of craig morgan agrovista head of r&d

“With so many bioscience products available to growers, it can be very confusing to understand what each does, posing the question: ‘but how does that benefit me?’ We want to help growers to answer that question, by breaking each product down to provide a tangible yield-based result.” 

Craig Morgan, Head of Research and Development, Agrovista

Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra

Terra-Sorb® Foliar Extra contains a blend of plant-based amino acids and trace elements. By providing a plant with readily available amino acids, known as the building blocks of protein, it can improve the use of its existing resources, and be more energy efficient. This is a key factor when it comes to mitigating stress and overcoming high demand periods such as establishment and biomass building.

  • Improved energy usage and stress tolerance
  • Supports establishment and plant development
  • Increased root and shoot biomass
  • Improved nutrient and water utilisation

flowering potatoe crop in soil

Equilibrium Extra

Equilibrium® Extra combines the same readily-available amino acids as Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra, but combines them with oligosaccharide seaweed extracts as a tailored product for high-value crops such as potatoes.

Oligosaccharides are complex sugars that stimulate a plant to enhance its nutrient flow from the soil and translocation through the plant, whilst promoting rooting and shooting. This improves a plant’s ability to access nutrition, as well as its overall health.

  • Improved energy usage and stress tolerance
  • Support for establishment and plant development
  • Improved nutrient and water utilisation
  • Improved marketable yield and quality


Klorofill® contains pentanoate - an organic keto acid-based compound that is a unique biological precursor to chlorophyll synthesis. Pentanoate reverses the chlorophyll suppression that a plant may experience during rapid growth, for example, at flag leaf stage.

By increasing chlorophyll production, Klorofill maximises green leaf area and plant biomass, boosting crop growth and therefore yield.

  • Increased photosynthetic rate and chlorophyll production
  • Maximised green leaf area
  • Enhanced plant biomass
  • Improved nutrient efficiency

a folklift moving wheat seed around a barn

3 ALO t6p

3 ALO t6p contains a precursor of the sugar Trehalose-6-Phosphate (T6P), which regulates important metabolic and developmental processes within plants. This includes carbon fixation and balancing the concentration of carbohydrates, particularly sucrose. As the main fuel generated by photosynthesis, sucrose is key to the development of cereal grains.

  • Increased yield through improved grain management
  • Improved management of stresses, particularly drought