Innovation range

Demonstrating return on investment

It’s long been understood that the future of traditional crop protection products is uncertain. The regulatory landscape has a huge influence on what we, as an industry, can achieve in effective food production.

But it could also be a need to protect our environment, avoid exceeding maximum residue levels (MRLs), or the desire to try something new, that drives us to think outside of the box and step into the world of bioscience.

Whilst we want to be creative and smart with our product choices, we also need to be able to demonstrate a return on investment from using these innovations. With abundance in the market-place, bioscience products must prove their efficacy to really make a difference.

Through our network of global innovators, Agrovista brings the latest in scientific developments to you, the grower. Whether that’s maximising chlorophyll production, or mitigating plant stress, we are proud to provide products that are supported by both academic research and field trials.

Targeted solutions

Through truly understanding the science behind innovation, Agrovista can help you to select the correct bioscience products.

Whether that’s meeting a crops’ specific resource requirements, or overcoming a physiological problem, we know that choosing the right product for the right timing is key.

Effective use of bioscience in three steps For cereal crops, this can be demonstrated through the following:

With specific products for each of these steps, Agrovista can successfully guide you through effective bioscience application to help you achieve maximum results.

a picture of craig morgan agrovista head of r&d

“With so many bioscience products available to growers, it can be very confusing to understand what each does, posing the question: ‘but how does that benefit me?’ We want to help growers to answer that question, by breaking each product down to provide a tangible yield-based result.” 

Craig Morgan, Head of Research and Development, Agrovista