Biomass imagery

NDVI images that indicate how photosynthetic a crop is

Biomass imagery service use:

  • Variable rate nitrogen
  • Variable rate PGRs
  • Intelligent crop walking.

Satellite images provide us with NDVI images that indicate how photosynthetic a crop is.

To receive biomass images, we need fi eld loca􀦞 ons. We will then load your fields onto an online portal where you can view new images weekly.

Intelligent crop walking

View and compare NDVI images to see how crops are performing throughout the season.

Images can be viewed on an app.


Variable rate Nitrogen

Variable rate nitrogen is a simple process you enter the average rate you wish to apply to the fi eld and enter the number of kilograms you wish to vary that fi eld by and it will calculate the amount of product you need. Then there is a simple download button to get you application maps.

Variable rate PGR’s

Using GAI imagery in oilseed rape can give a more accurate recommendation for both variable rate Nitrogen and variable rate PGR’s.