A liquid carbon additive that acts as a food source for soil microbes, increasing nutrient availability and improving the efficiency of applied fertilisers.

L-CBF BOOST™ is formulated using filtered cane molasses and contains a range of nutrients including nitrogen, potash and sulphur. It works by acting as a food source for soil microbes and fungi, which enables them to increase in population. With greater numbers, these then improve the availability of key nutrients; boosting root mass, crop yield and overall soil and plant health.

Soil microbes need to be fed to survive and multiply, but over the years numbers have declined due to excessive tillage and pesticide applications. Because of this, crops have required even greater levels of artificial fertilisers and chemicals, which has further damaged these vital microbes.

By changing perspective on soil health and focussing on feeding soil microbes, we can increase their numbers and therefore improve the productivity of applied fertilisers. This is particularly useful for nutrient-hungry crops such as maize, beet and potatoes, as well as cereals and oilseed rape.

With soil health firmly on the political agenda, building long-term soil fertility and improved nutrient cycling will help growers to replenish their soils’ natural biology.

Soil health L-cbf boost biostimulants

L-CBF BOOST offers the following benefits:

  • Improves nutrient availability and cycling
  • Increases root mass
  • Supports long-term organic matter building including cover crop conversion
  • Low C:N ratio to help balance soils
  • Improves applied fertiliser efficiency

L-CBF BOOST trial results

Increased root mass in maize treated with L-CBF BOOST, as well as length of roots and exploration potential is show in the images below. (Maize images captured from a trial in Knutsford, Cheshire)

l-cbf boost trial showing increased root length

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Yield response in maize, low OM soils

When L-CBF BOOST is applied alongside a bacterial treatment on soil with low organic matter content, a yield increase of 9.8% can be achieved, equating to £141/ha ROI.

This is because L-CBF BOOST provides the vital food that the applied bacteria require. The trial was conducted on maize in Broxton, Norfolk in 2019.

£141 per hectare return on investment with l-cbf boost in maize in norfolk

Yield response in maize, high OM soils

In comparison, when L-CBF BOOST is applied to soils with existing high organic matter content, used alone it can achieve 8.2% yield increase, equating to £144/ha ROI. Here, L-CBF Boost is improving the activity of existing soil microbes.

The trial was conducted on maize in Lackham, Wiltshire in 2019.

£144 return on investment per hectare with l cbf boost applicaitons


application rates for l-cbf boost