Botanicoir Precision Plus Ultra

Optimising fruit production

Botanicoir Precision Plus Ultra is made from coir (also known as cocopeat), a natural growing media made from the husk of a coconut.

Developed specifically for soft fruit crops, providing the ideal chemical and physical properties to maximise healthy plant growth.

A great sustainable and superior alternative to other growing media.


Precision buffering and high calcium levels

Crucial for growth of new plant tissue

Superior structure

Maximising the opportunities for re-use

Optimum air filled porosity

Giving plant roots the right levels of oxygen for superior rooting


Rapid hydration

Quick and total wetting

Excellent drainage and ease of steering

Can be rapidly wetted up and dried down

Higher quality and increased yields

Proven results


Download our Botanicoir information sheet here.

The new Precision Plus Ultra growbags generate a higher fruit quality and we have seen yields increase. They have better drainage, higher air filled porosity due to ‘Ultra’ particles in the substrate and they are consistent, which encourages uniform rooting and healthier plants.

Sandy Booth, The New Forest Fruit Co. Ltd