Agrovista exclusive group 4 winter wheat

Mindful is a hard endosperm group 4 feed wheat which has topped in house trials across the last two very different years.

Mindful has a sound combination of disease resistance ratings, suggestive of multi-gene protection derived from the parents of Evolution and Costello.

The latter is renowned for its high specific weight and Mindful carries this trait too, while Costello’s total resistance to yellow rust, from the single Timaru gene is only part of Mindful’s genome, promising similar stability over time.

  • Outyields Dawsum in the East and Champion in the North (NL)
  • Very good mildew resistance
  • Good early drilling yields - 105 over two years, third highest overall (including Dawsum/Champion) in 2022
  • Compliments Sartorial with earlier drilling window and differing genetics to reduce disease pressure on farm
  • Average performance in official trials where both Dawsum and Mindful were present, clarifies that specific weight is equal
  • Initial trials show good promise as second wheat and excellent performance on heavy land

Consistent yield performance

Mindful offers consistent yield performance across differing regions back cropping and drilling dates. Grown for seed in 2022, Mindful in the Eastern region performed notably well achieving 12 tonnes per hectare in Suffolk following fallow ground left after a very difficult sugar beet lift the season before.

This compared favourably with KWS Dawsum following early-lifted sugar beet at 11.1 tonnes per hectare. AHDB National List (NL) and RL Candidacy trials have mirrored this outcome on heavy soils where it marginally out-performs at 105% of control verses KWS Dawsum at 104% of controls.

Further north in Bedale, North Yorkshire, seed grower Mark Sampson also grew Mindful alongside KWS Dawsum and RGT Bairstow. Drilled next door to each other following potatoes, KWS Dawsum achieved 11.84 tonnes per hectare with a specific weight of 82.95 kg/hl. Mindful yielded on par at 12 tonnes per hectare with specific weight at 81 kg/ha. RGT Bairstow achieved 10.62t/ha.

“It stood extremely well, better than Dawsum on equivalent adjacent land, and was easy to combine” Mindful has also shown promise as a second wheat, or in a continuous wheat position. Trials carried out by Agrii Smart Farms in 2022, drilled October noted the consistent high yield across two situations.


Bracket values give guidance on comparative agronomic values based on commercial observations and Agrovista trial performance.


Source Agrii R&D variety trials 2022 harvest

Mindful Trials

Both early sown in the first ten days of September and late sown in November, Mindful has shown remarkable high yield consistency.

AgX winter wheat. All sites 2021-2022 including specific weight

2 year results Haddenham Nov-drilled

Mindful’s second parent Evolution was a Danish variety introduced to the HGCA Recommended List (RL) in 2014 with a step-change in disease resistance and high untreated yield. One of its notable characteristics was the wide drilling window and its suitability for sowing across all regions, soil type and drilling positions. Mindful exhibits this very useful trait too, bolstered further by its high specific weight which safeguards quality, yield, and value against difficult seasons be they deluge or drought.