Rural consultancy grants and licences

Grant applications

There are often grants available to farmers, land managers and rural businesses that are given to applicants who are diversifying, innovating, or improving productivity. Our consultants are able to help with the application to these schemes as they become available.

Strategic management

Knowing the position of your business both today and where it is heading for the future is a key part of business management. Our consultants are able to advise on this process and work with you to collate the information required to put together business plans, budgets and cashflows. Communications with lenders, banks, and accountants can all be facilitated as required.


Knowing how your business is performing in comparison to similar businesses can be a useful tool for identifying areas that need improvement and those that are performing well and where to concentrate efforts.

two growers looking at a rural consultancy report

Waste licencing

The application of waste products to farmland that provide agricultural benefit are licensed through the Environment Agency (England) and SEPA (Scotland).

Our consultants are able to collate the data required to submit these applications and assist where needed with their deployment.

Planning permission and appraisals

Applications to the local planning authority for farm buildings, houses or diversification projects can all be carried out by our rural consultants. Our service brings together the information required including maps, drawings and agricultural benefit statements before submission to the local authority and overseeing the process through to completion.