Power Up

Improve crop rooting

Calfite Extra is a unique foliar nutrient complex designed to improve crop rooting and maximise nutrient uptake and utilisation from the soil.

  • Improves root and shoot development
  • Increases phosphorus use delivery
  • Increases soil microbial health and biomass
  • Enhances yield and quality

Winter wheat trials

Oilseed rape trials


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Peter Waltham, Agrovista Agronomist, Somerset, Wiltshire, North Dorset

Peter Waltham incorporates bioscience products into seasonal agronomy programmes but as with all inputs he avoids being too prescriptive.

“The choices we make go hand in hand with tissue testing and the need for general micronutrient products and we will base our final decisions accordingly,” says Peter.

During March ahead of T0 he will consider foliar applications of Calfite Extra and/or Luxor to improve phosphate levels in wheat, particularly where the farmer has taken a fertiliser holiday or where availability is poor, for example on calcareous or acid soils or where indices are low.

“Phosphorus promotes early root growth and winter hardiness and stimulates tillering,” says Peter. “But it is easily bound up as insoluble phosphate compounds. Both these products offer a really good way of dealing with this.”

At T0 he favours Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra at T0 along with L-CBF Boost to lift brix levels and helps plants perform closer to their optimum.

L-CBF Boost is becoming a routine inclusion in Peter’s recommendations. “Microbe levels have declined over the years as arable farming has intensified,” he explains.

“Increasing their numbers will help improve nutrient cycling and increase the productivity of applied fertilisers.”

Dan Knight, Agrovista Agronomist, Midlands

Making the most efficient use of nitrogen has taken on a new importance given the volatile nature of fertiliser markets, says Dan.

Heathy, extensive root systems are the key to this and nutrient use efficiency in general, so he will use Calfite Extra as a base and add Luxor where phosphorus supply is limited or rooting compromised in the run up to T0.

“I recommend them from the onset of spring growth once the crop has reached tillering. Get them on early and you get more bang for your buck.”

But Dan is also recommending a novel biostimulant product called Twoxo XL on crops with good potential where nitrogen may be limited, for example where the total amount of nitrogen needs to be reduced to meet on-farm stock levels, where a high purchase price has been paid or to reduce carbon footprint.

“Twoxo plays a vital role in the nitrogen and carbon pathways and therefore improves Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE),” says Dan.

“I’ll use it from T0 and up to GS 31, around the timing of the main fertiliser applications, so the plant can make better use of what is there, enhancing photosynthesis in the plant and increasing biomass and yield.”

Maximise phosphorus delivery

Luxor, an efficient foliar applied phosphate biostimulant to increase phosphorus delivery to the plant at key growth stages.

  • Increases leaf protein
  • Increases soil microbial health and biomass
  • Enhances yield and quality
  • Ability to deliver key nutrients efficiently at key timings

All data and trial results kindly provided by Unium Bioscience Ltd.

Maximise potassium

Wholly K PGA is a unique potassium metabolite complex designed to deliver potassium via foliar application.

  • Maximises potassium deliver
  • Improves nitrogen use efficiency
  • Increases leaf protein
  • Increases water use efficiency
  • Enhances yield and quality

On farm experience 2023

Dan Knight, Agrovista Agronomist Midlands, 23/03/2023

Given the wide choice of bioscience products available, the trick in maximising return on investment is recognising the requirements of each crop, and individual customers’ needs, says Dan.

“If you then match these considerations with understanding the science and development behind the products, you can then make informed decisions on where to recommend them and where not to,” he adds. Klorofill is particularly useful at key yield-building timings, such as flowering oilseed rape. “This is when we are looking to maximise photosynthesis and prolong green leaf area to build yield,” says Dan.

He favours Wholly K PGA on winter wheat at T1, but might also recommend it on flowering oilseed rape and winter beans.

“Winter wheat can’t get enough of it at T1-T2 when it is undergoing rapid growth. Potassium is a valuable component of yield and the additional nitrogen uptake is a valuable addition.

“The first three years of the YEN bean project have also suggested a positive relationship between potassium inputs and bean yields.

“I’ll also consider it where people have taken a potassium holiday, where lodging is a concern and when conditions are droughty, as potassium is important for nutrient and water regulation.”

Where additional potassium is not needed, Dan may opt for Twoxo at up to GS31 in wheat, around the main fertiliser application to give crops a boost.

The product contains 2-oxoglutaramate, a signalling molecule that stimulates the plant to increase carbon dioxide and nitrogen uptake, a combination that increases biomass and yield.

“Twoxo plays a vital part in the nitrogen and carbon pathways, helping the plant to make best use of any available nitrogen to help them through the imminent period of rapid growth,” says Dan.

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Ready-made amino acids to aid stress recovery, and boost crop establishment

Terra-Sorb® Foliar Extra contains a blend of plant-based amino acids and trace elements. By providing a plant with readily available amino acids, known as the building blocks of protein, it can improve the use of its existing resources, and be more energy efficient. This is a key factor when it comes to mitigating stress and overcoming high demand periods such as establishment and biomass building.

  • Improved energy usage and stress tolerance
  • Supports establishment and plant development
  • Increased root and shoot biomass
  • Improved nutrient and water utilisation

Trials at Stoughton have shown that applications of Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra result in consistent improvements in yield across a range of leading wheat seed varieties, with an average of +0.53t/ha.

yeild response for winter wheat increases with terra sorb

Improve chlorophyll production and maximises green leaf area

Klorofill® contains pentanoate - an organic keto acid-based compound that is a unique biological precursor to chlorophyll synthesis. Pentanoate reverses the chlorophyll suppression that a plant may experience during rapid growth, for example, at flag leaf stage.

  • Increases leaf protein
  • Increases soil microbial health and biomass
  • Enhances yield and quality
  • Ability to deliver key nutrients efficiently at key timings

Replicated manufacturer trials conducted 2018/19 in Suffolk demonstrated that Klorofill can increase winter wheat yield by 0.76t/ha, compared to untreated.

yield increases with klorofill in trials