Precision - Fruit

Agrovista’s comprehensive precision services aim to help you make the right decisions for you and your business.

By integrating precision technology into everyday business, you can benefit from the added value this technology offers.

We keep things simple, helping you make informed precision decisions with clear data backed up by expert agronomist knowledge. 

As technology develops, ways of accessing the reams of data generated improves too. Precision farming does not have to be expensive or hard work. Our aim is to ensure you are well informed and able to receive the full benefits from your choice of services, regardless of how deeply you wish to delve. 

Precision services 

Blossom thinning

Accurate blossom thinning is vital to match fruit numbers to leaf area to manipulate fruit loading.

However, assessing tree flower numbers to better target ammonium thiosulphate (ATS) applications can be a laborious, labour-intensive process, particularly on more variable orchards.

Agrovista’s new drone service marks a big step forward in data gathering. Flying at 80m above the orchard, the drone can cover about 10ha an hour, measuring blossom density on the trees at more than 90% accuracy.

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Vigour mapping

Excessive shoot growth can adversely affect flowering potential and quality so must be effectively controlled to balance vegetative growth and fruit bud set.

PGRs may be required on vigorous varieties such as Bramley, or where areas have been frosted and you want to control the growth.

Agrovista’s new vigour mapping service measures crop height, vegetation index and vigour using a drone, offering rapid identification of areas that require attention. Flights commence as soon as extension growth is visible, around the end of June.

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Fruit counting

Agrovista is also testing pre-harvest fruit loading to obtain a more accurate estimation of yield and to aid selective harvesting.

The system uses cameras mounted on an ATV, which travels up to 10kph, zoning orchards in to high, medium and low yielding areas.

The sytem is 96% accurate, calibrate on two trees per block, one high load and one low load. 

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