Drone imagery

Agrovista is the lead agronomy company when it comes to drones. We utilise drone technology to help us map problematic fields/areas and also to collect data on higher value crops.

Our team carries out data analytics on different treatments or variety types to display how these changes in management practice have affected your crop.

There are so many uses for drone imaging now. The more data you measure the more you can manage.

Service use

  • Plant health – determine crop variation, identify zones, use variable rate applications from biomass, map blackgrass, apply variable rate glyphosate, crop establishment
  • Plant count – establishment, crop variation, count comparison, seed viability
  • Plant size – yield prediction, crop variation, optimise harvesting, ability to forward sell crop more accurately
  • Data Analytics – compare treatments
  • Farm aerial imagery
  • Weed mapping
  • Blossom and vigour mapping in orchards


  • Know your harvestable yield
  • Understand what effect a given treatment has had to your crop
  • Save money with variable rate applications

What is involved

  • Provide your Agrovista specialist with the field locations
  • Decide what service you would like. This may change the type of drone or flight settings that we need
  • Ensure your precision specialist is aware of when the flight is best to be carried out. We can help you with this decision.
scans of drone higlighting blackgrass, crops, plant sizing, plant colour and trial plot health