Wholly K

Maximise potassium

Wholly K PGA is a unique potassium metabolite complex designed to deliver potassium via foliar application when conditions may limit soil uptake.

This highly available 20% form of potassium contains no antagonistic anions (eg chloride) and is complexed with L-PGA (pidolic acid) to enhance nitrogen assimilation.

Potassium is an essential plant nutrient required in large amounts – often more than nitrogen. Its enzyme activation affects protein, starch and ATP production, so is vital for photosynthesis, protein synthesis and many other functions in growth and reproduction.

Potassium is also very important in opening and closing of stomata, helping to regulate water vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange.

What does it do?

Wholly K PGA is an efficient potassium foliar fertiliser that maximises delivery of the nutrient to the crop. It is an ideal supplement to potassium programmes in season or during periods when availability, and therefore crop potential, is restricted.

The complex with L-PGA is very synergistic, as both are critical for N assimilation and nitrogen use efficiency.

How does it do it?

The pure formulation enhances the delivery of potassium to the plant at key times within the crop’s growth cycle, with L-PGA increasing the assimilation of nitrogen and carbon within the plant.


  • Efficient delivery of potassium in season or when soil condition limits availability
  • Increases potassium use efficiency
  • Increases nitrogen assimilation
  • Increases photosynthesis= increased CO2 fixation
Wholly K return on investment £72.20/ha 93% of chance of return, 7% average yield increase


  • Maximises potassium delivery to the plant at key growth stages
  • Delivers potassium efficiently at key timings
  • Optimises cost of potassium fertiliser programme
  • Increases leaf protein
  • Increases water use efficiency
  • Enhances yield / quality
  • Improves crop profitability


Crop Timing Dose*
Cereals Key growth stages 1.0l/ha
OSR Key growth stages 1.0l/ha
Potatoes Key growth stages 1.0-2.0l/ha
Sugar  beet Key growth stages 1.0-2.0l/ha
Pulses Key growth stages 1.0l/ha
Maize Key growth stages 1.0l/ha
Fruit Key growth stages 1.0l/ha
Vegetables Key growth stages 1.0l/ha

*For most applications


The response over untreated for Wholly K PGA in Winter Wheatincrease in yield from wholly k  0.75 tonne per hectare