A unique biostimulant seed treatment complex for cereal crops that supports germination and improves crop establishment.

Voltek contains a biostimulant complex known as a metabolite - a unique blend of phosphite, keto acids and additional nutrients. Applied as a seed treatment, this supports the growth and development of young seedlings as they emerge from day one.

Phosphite triggers root development, resulting in improved biomass and root exploration. This allows a plant to easily access the water and nutrients from the soil that it vitally needs during establishment.

By maximising nutrient uptake, this stimulates the plant to grow quickly, giving the plant the best chance to naturally overcome potential stresses and pressures throughout the lifecycle.

Another feature of the Voltek complex is keto acids - biological precursors to chlorophyll synthesis. These work by reversing chlorophyll suppression that a plant may experience during its lifecycle. By increasing chlorophyll production, keto acids maximise green leaf area and plant biomass, essential for crop growth.

Voltek’s formulation also offers additional nutrition in the form of manganese and zinc, further supporting a crop’s early nutritional needs.

green wheat crop establishing

Voltek offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced germination
  • Increased root and shoot biomass
  • Improved establishment rate and crop uniformity
  • Increased stress tolerance including overwintering

Voltek trials

Voltek seed treatment showed a visual improvement in ground cover for this barley trial in Norfolk. This is supported further by results from Canopeo - a green canopy measurement application.

% ground cover analysis in barley*

increase in ground cover with voltek application

*Analysed at GS 24-26

comparrision of ground cover with voltek

Yield response in winter wheat

yield increase with voltek applications compared to untreated


application rate of voltek, 1 litre per hectare

Other features

  • Liquid formulation
  • Tank mixable
  • Fully crop safe
  • Cost effective solution

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